Destination and Vision

The destination of our association is to give a home to street children in Südindien where they grow up in an affectionate community; for them to provide independence and to hand over an education, so that they have a chance to be able to live her abilities and stable people become.

Of course it must be also provided for the health. How you know certainly, the vital settlements, like drinking water, food, medical care and clothing as with us are not so natural in India.

To be able to provide assistance to the self-help and to build up no dependence, we have resolved to act to remove this mismanagement.

It is our strange request that also you have in future the possibility to be able to provide active assistance on site in India. They give therefore a valuable contribution for the help to the self-help, with the abilities you bring; from the practical housewife up to the doctor.

Everybody can help in his manner, whether with a prayer, personal application or cash donation. Love originates from helping to each other and it goes around the world. In some heart love and security will be therefore again.

By your donation you support our project in Thiruvananthapuram, in the state of Kerala, Südindien. Because we pay our administrative costs or travel expenses from private means, we do not load with it the donation money. Thus come your donations uncurtailed on a direct way (own bank account in India) to our orphans in India.

Many thanks for your donation and your trust.

Lore Traue dich
zu sein. Albert Schweitzer
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