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Tax specific features
Our charity association "Kinder Indiens"  is recognised as of benefit to the public for the purposes of the delivery order §52 to §54 in the German tax right.

Therefore allowances (Can make a donation and membership fees) for the support of tax-preferred purposes of the donators from 2007 all together up to

a) 20 percent of the total of the income (natural people) or

b) 4 thousandths of the sum of the whole turnovers and the wages used in the calendar year and salaries (people - and corporations)

when special expenses are drawn off.

Donation receipt the necessary confirmation is issued with the help of an allowance confirmation after an officially prescribed form and is transmitted to the donator, so that this original confirmation can be submitted together with the tax return to the responsible tax office.

For this reason we ask at this point to provide the payment transfers with name and address, so that we can send a correct allowance certificate to you.

We will keep informed our donators from the European foreign countries as the present procedure is decided at the European Court of Justice after which it should be also possible for these donators to assert the donations in our German charitable association in the respective tax return.

Contact address:

Förderverein Kinder-Indiens e.V.
Filzenweg 32 b, D-83071 Stephanskirchen
Tel. 0049-8036-30 33 38
www. kinder-indiens.com
E-Mail: info@kinder-indiens.com

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