Your contribution for the "Kinder Indiens" is tax deductible as a special issue. A suitable allowance certificate is automatically sent to you by us.

On payment on the following account give always your name and address, so that we can hand over a donation receipt to you.

Our donation-account:

Volksbank-Raiffeisenbank Rosenheim  
Empfänger Förderverein Kinder-Indiens
Verwendungszweck PLZ und Straße des Spenders
For bank transfer from foreign countries:
Bank Indentifier Code (BIC): GENODEF1ROR
interBank-AccNr (IBAN): DE23 7116 0161 0005 3777 73
Thank you for the donation!
Die "Kinder-Indiens"  
1.Vorstand Rolanda Gloege
2.Vorstand Elke Arun Frank
Lore "Sei du selbst die Veränderung, die du dir wünscht für diese Welt." MAHATMA GANDHI
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