The project and people with heartfull helping

The project "Kinder Indiens" was brought to life from a vision.

The vision

In 2000 Rolanda Gloege had the vision to build  in Kerala, Südindien an orphanage for girl. Everything began with this vision, the Carity Trust was founded. People have joined, became club members to move the vision. With the years friendship becomes in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Holland and of course also in India. Everything submitted in such a way as it was seen in the vision, a doctor is the manager of the Förderein "Kinder Indiens" in India, it is our Dr. V.Atjith. In Austria a sister's association was founded "hand in hand for the children of India" (more info under who have everybody also the same aim; to build an orphanage for girls, so that these children have a chance of a future and a childhood appropriate for children.

At the beginning of 2006 the project with 7 orphans started. Meanwhile 21 girls live at the age of from 5 to 14 years in the orphanage. Many of them are hard traumatised by death of the parents and separation of family and start to lead only slowly again a normal life. It is after a few months already to recognise how positiv itself the protected the space of the house is on the psychic and physical health of the children.

The association from donations denies all costs, and every Euro also comes to the project, because the administrative costs are taken over from the members itselfs.

Lore Suche die Liebe in Dir selbst und nicht bei anderen. Nur in Dir selbst wirst Du das Glück finden! Rolanda Gloege
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